I have seen life, wicked scornful II


  Olivia was a girl with a cheerful character and an open mind. Her eyes, so beautiful, it was like the stars themselves. Her hair, black, long and beautiful.

  Everyone loved Olivia, she was hard-working and diligent. Olivia’s parent were so proud of their daughter. The neighbors in the community always give compliments to her parents. She helped the old, she ran errands for those who she finds it necessary for.

  Olivia was only fourteen at this time. She was voted as the class representative at her school, she was brilliant and she helped others learn. Olivia loved school but she never made up her mind on what she wanted to become. After her last year in school, she been helping her mother in her business as a clothing retailer.

  Years passed and Olivia had great interest in the work. Her parents agreed to allow her quit school and continue the business after so much convincing discussions. Within two months, the business was blooming. Olivia was so hardworking. She travels every weekends to purchase more stock. Eventually Olivia’s mother left the business in charge of her daughter when she was seventeen.

  Olivia’s parents were Lebanese. They moved to Lagos for business and to educate their only child. After Olivia’s seventeenth birthday, they left her at Lagos and moved back to Lebanon for a while. During their departure no one knew Olivia was home alone. She leaves the house so early and gets back late at night.

  Months passed by quickly. It was around 11:30pm when Olivia arrived home on Friday and unexpectedly met her Landlady leaving her apartment after pasting  a paper on her door. The landlady was looking really annoyed and stressed, Olivia greeted her but a little light came on her face and she ignored the greeting. The lady said she got informed by the neighbours that her family packed and left the house.

  Olivia was so confused then the landlady told her to open the door, they both went in, on getting in the house, the landlady noticed the scantiness of the rooms. She got furious and told Olivia to leave her house. Olivia tried explaining where her parent were, but the landlady told her to leave the apartment the next morning, slammed the door and left.

  Olivia sat on the sofa and wept. She then went ti meet her neighbors for help but they neglected her. Olivia tried reaching her parent but there was no luck. Olivia couldn’t sleep all night until suddenly around 5:00am she remembered her savings with the bank. She had her bath, and by 8:00pm she left for the bank. Immediately after the withdrawals she deposited​ a years rental charge to the landlady’s account.

  Olivia continued her normal daily routine after settling things with her landlady, they became friends once again, and she listened to Olivia’s excuse. Olivia also told her about what her neighbors did and how she plans to leave the house.

  After arriving home from work everyday, Olivia packs some of her loads and have a little sleep. Olivia found another apartment where she could easily get to work from. She got worried about her parents and sent a mail saying:

Dear Mom and Dad,                                                    Hope you’re both having a lovely holiday, I’m writing this to tell you about my progress at Lagos. I tried contacting you last week, but there wasn’t network service.

Please don’t panick. On your arrival home please come to our new apartment at 209 fig street off mural road Lagos.                                                                                                Yours sincerely,                                                             Olivia.

 On Monday, Olivia arrived home with a truck, she took all her belongings. Olivia couldn’t leave at that hour, so she had her bath and slept there for the very last time. Olivia was so tried to have noticed the spilled kerosene in her apartment.

  The next morning, Olivia woke up to the suffocating, thick smell of smoke. She couldn’t get to the door, it was all on fire. She was so frightened she screamed at the top of her voice for help, but no one responded.

  The fire was spreading wide and fast. In no time it consumed the door to her room. She heard a loud voice yell “jump”from her window. Immediately she found out it was the truck driver. 

  The next thing she remembered was her in the arms of the driver, how it happened she had absolutely​ no idea. The fire was tamed by the firemen. Olivia was delighted her laugages were in the truck. The landlady freed Olivia. Some months later it was discovered that a former neighbor of Olivia was responsible for the disaster, the police reported that the truth was revealed by the neighbor’s children.

  This story is a true life story.                                                                            from Lagos Nigeria.


I never imagined I’d like you this much.

A carefree heart,
Amazing sense of humor.

But you only use people and move on.

You’ll always be happy,
While my heart aches.

I’ll always have these feelings for you.

Maybe one day you’ll realize,
I’m the one who’s always been there for you.

I have seen life, wicked, scornful.




  Gary, a young teenager of fifteen, round face, with a tanned skin, scraggly hair and muscular body with an upstraight posture.

  Unlike other children, Gary never had the opportunity to attend a university owning to his parents financial state. They lived in a wretched house by the river built by his father. His father was a mere Carpenter who could hardly feed his family three-square-meal a day. He was an irresponsible parent according to his wife, Lynn. Lynn had no job, she was a housewife, who was forced into marriage at a young age by her parents.

  Gary was the only child of Jimmy and Lynn. He was a very diligent student who loves bicycles. The previous year, Gary left highschool with the best result in the school. He then applied for a university scholarship program, but his luck turned against him.

  Idle Gary started watching his father’s craft and learnt till he was seventeen. He then decided to take over the craft since his father was getting old. Gary only wanted to work to get a bicycle, he watched people ride on the streets but his heart only ached.

  Gary saved all the income he got from his hand work, the next year eighteen year old Gary celebrated his birthday with a brand new bicycle he got for almost all his savings. He’s parent were proud of him, since they couldn’t offer more.

  One night, the family was asleep in their house, not until Gary was woken to the loud banging on the door at about 2:30am. He got scared and before he could make a move, the door was lying flat on the floor and Gary was facing a real rifle. He’s dad and mum got up and started pleading. The gunman left Gary and picked up his father and said “it is you”the next thing Gary saw was his dad lying on the floor yelling in pain. He got shot in the eye.

  Gary and his mum were so shaken, the neighbors picked him up and took him to the hospital. On getting there, he lost his life. Gary and his mother couldn’t get over the death of Jimmy. They wept so much.

  Gary’s work grew wider after the death of his father. Every income he made, he spent on his mother. He made her really happy. All the care she didn’t receive from her husband Gary have to her happily. Months passed, but Gary still had his father in his mind all day.

  Gary started delivering people’s work in their different homes. One day Gary got back home to a plate of his favourite delicacy cooked by his mother. He was the happiest man alive that day. He ate to his satisfaction. He thanked his mum and left for work. On getting home that night he saw his mother lying on the floor with blood and a bullet in her left eye. He screamed and fainted there on her.

  This story is a true life story.                                                                                   fromLagos Nigeria.